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Patio Design & Installation
Driveways & Walkways
Retaining Walls
Hardscape Steps
Paver Materials
Why Randy’s Pro?
Martinsville Patio & Paver Permit

Raising standards for patios in Martinsville, NJ!

Searching for a “paver company near me” or “patio installer Martinsville”? You couldn’t be in a better place! Randy’s Pro is licensed in the state of NJ and proudly working in Martinsville since 2008! For your protection, Randy’s is also fully insured for liability and workers compensation. We’re a comprehensive patio and paver design & install service and offer free, on-site hardscape consultations and estimates. See Randy’s full line of hardscape paver services and learn about Martinsville’s paver and patio permit information below. Feel free to text or call us at 732-592-1577 or fill out the form for a prompt reply from Randy.

Patio Design & Installation

When building and designing a patio, there are many different factors that need to be taken into account. What materials should you use? How big should it be? What should you put on it? These questions seem simple, but they can actually be quite difficult when you’re trying to make all the pieces work together.

Patio Paver Installation Company Martinsville, NJ

The soil and clay content in Martinsville is also a factor when planning for patios and pavers in addition to drainage. Generally 6″-10″ inches earth is excavated for a crushed patio base to be compacted before any pavers are laid.

Randy’s Pro offers free on-site consultations and estimates for a patios and pavers in Martinsville. Learn your yards true potential from Randy who can give you recommendations and expert insights. Text or call Randy’s Pro at 732-592-1577

Driveways & Walkways

In addition to patios, Randy’s Pro also does paver driveways and walkways in Martinsville. The planning is very similar to patios, however driveways & walkways generally follow the natural slope of your yard.

Driveway & Walkway Paver Installation Company Martinsville, NJ

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, also known as decorative walls, can make a great addition to any outdoor space. Some yards in Martinsville have natural slope that are a match made in heaven for retaining walls. Retaining walls can also hold back soil and earth so level and functional areas can be carved out such as a patio or fire pit area.

Retaining Wall Installation Company Martinsville, NJ

Hardscape Steps

Steps do not have to be limited to your front entrance. Hardscape steps not only add accessibility to any outdoor space, but they also make walking a sloped property much easier. Schedule an on-site consultation with Randy

Hardscape Steps Installation Company Martinsville, NJ

Paver Materials

Martinsville NJ 08836 Techo Bloc Pavers Installation
Martinsville NJ 08836 Cambridge Pavers Installation
Martinsville NJ 08836 EP Henry Pavers Installation
Martinsville NJ 08836 Nicolock Pavers Installation
Martinsville NJ 08836 CST Pavers Installation

We install nothing but the best. Choose from:

  • Techo Bloc Pavers
  • Cambridge Pavers
  • ED Henry Pavers
  • Nicolock Pavers
  • CST Pavers

Why Randy’s Pro?

  1. Randy’s only uses time-tested methods in our builds, which can save you thousands in the future.
  2. Your design build will begin quickly and will be completed without interruption.
  3. Randy’s is fully licensed and insured and follows all of Martinsville’s local ordinances and permitting processes.
  4. You are given an actual start date and projected completion date, and we show up when we say we will.
  5. We give you an honest price the first time around that includes everything without hidden fees.

Martinsville Paver & Patio Permit Process

Martinsville, NJ Paver Installation Company

Martinsville residents must contact Bridgewater in order to obtain a construction permit. If you wish to build a new patio, you will require to submit a survey showing the location of the patio and showing the area in square feet. That area is subject to the total improved lot coverage according to the Zoning Chart for that zone.

Patios cannot be closer than five (5) feet to side and rear property lines.

Landscape Retaining Walls require a Zoning Permit.

Patios and retaining walls that are part of a Building Permit, for instance, for a pool, do not require a separate Zoning Permit. Retaining walls over four (4) feet require a UCC building permit. The Code Enforcement Office would be inspecting them.

The required documentation for a construction permit includes:

  • Permit application
  • Construction plans
  • Plot plan

The homeowner may obtain the permit application from the Code Enforcement Department located in the Municipal Building. Their office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Along with the completed application, the applicant must submit two (2) copies of the construction plans, these drawings may be completed by the applicant for his own single-family dwelling or by a New Jersey licensed architect or engineer, as a building contractor is not permitted to do the drawings unless he is licensed by the State as an architect or engineer.

An applicant must also submit a plot plan for new construction, addition, etc. The plot plan should indicate:

  • All existing and proposed structures on the property
  • The distances to all lot lines
  • The location of any easements.

You must submit the permit application and supported documents to the Code Enforcement Department, and the Code Enforcement will forward it to the Zoning Officer, if required. After zoning approval, if necessary, the building department will review it and if no issues, they will issue the permit.

The process may take up to 20 working days. If the documents do not comply with the UCC, the applicant will be notified of the discrepancies and will be required to correct and resubmit the documents for further review.

Please be aware that State law mandates that the Construction Official issue a fine of up to $2,000 per violation and penalty to any person who performs work without a permit.

Please note, we are providing this information for general purposes only. The town may update their information from time to time, therefore, we encourage you to contact the town directly or their official website to confirm the information provided.

Please contact Bridgewater for additional information.

Martinsville Permit Contact Info

The Construction Official
Martinsville, NJ Paver Installation Company

Randy’s Leads Martinsville In Customer Satisfaction

Martinsville, NJ Paver & Patio Company
No pressure! The ball is always in your court with Randy’s. After our complimentary consultation, we’ll email you a detailed proposal with a price and project outcome that we stand by and that you can act on at your leisure.
Randy’s Pro respects your privacy and home life. You will never get repeated invasive follow up calls after a consultation, or even worse – an unexpected knock at your door!
Fast job lead times so you’re never left waiting weeks for a project to start.
Randy’s Pro keeps promises so rest assured your hardscape and paver project will happen on time and to specifications.
You and your project are a top priority for us! We’re an owner-operated local business with a hands-on owner who personally inspects every job.
We thoroughly clean up after each day at your property.
Randy’s Pro complies with all Martinsville’s ordinances and permitting processes

Free Expert Paver Consultation

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*Randy’s will never share or sell your personal information and will only contact you about your inquiry!

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