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Words cannot express the amazing experience that I had with Randy’s Pro Tree and Landscaping Service. From the initial call that I made to their business they were professional, courteous and highly responsive. The workers cleaned my yard, installed a... read more
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Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Emergency Response
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Setting the standard for tree service in Westfield, NJ!

Looking for a “tree service near me” or “tree company Westfield”? You couldn’t be in a better place! Learn about Westfield’s tree ordinances and permit information related to tree work. Randy’s Pro is licensed in the state of NJ with the Board of Tree Experts and is compliant with all local and state regulations. For your peace of mind, Randy’s is also fully insured for liability and workers compensation.

Randy's Pro Landscaping & Tree Service - Westfield NJ 07090
NJTC License #806509 gives Randy's Pro authority to perform tree service in Westfield
New Jersey Board of Tree Experts - Westfield NJ 07090

NJ Home Improvement License #13VH06833600
NJ Tree Company # NJTC 806509

Westfield Table of Contents

Tree Removal
Tree Pruning
Tree Trimming
Stump Grinding
Emergency Response
Westfield Tree Ordinance Information
Westfield Tree Permit

Randy’s Pro Landscaping & Tree Service proudly working in Westfield since 2008! We’re a comprehensive tree service and offer free, in-person tree consultations and estimates. Feel free to text or call us at 732-592-1577 or fill out the form for a prompt reply from Randy.

Whether you need a tree removed or stump grinding, or your irreplaceable trees professionally pruned and shaped, Randy himself will visit your property to hear your concerns and offer his advice.

Westfield, NJ

Randy’s Tree Service leads Westfield in customer service

Randy's Pro Tree Service serving  Westfield, NJ, ready to begin a job.
No pressure! The ball is always in your court with Randy’s. After our free consultation, we’ll email you a detailed proposal with a price and job outcome that we stand by and that you can act on at your leisure.
Randy’s Pro Landscaping & Tree Service respects your privacy and home life. You will never get repeated invasive follow up calls after a consultation, or even worse – an unexpected knock at your door!
Fast job lead times so you’re never left waiting weeks for a job to start.
Randy’s Pro keeps promises so rest assured your tree job will happen on time and to specifications.
You and your job are a top priority for us! We’re an owner-operated local business with a hands-on owner who personally inspects every job.
We thoroughly clean up after tree work at your job site so your yard will always be presentable and free of debris before we leave.
Randy’s Pro Tree Service complies with all Westfield’s tree ordinances in their mission of providing safe tree services for homeowners.

Tree Removal

One of Randy's bucket trucks that extends up to 110 feet into the air! Imagine the trees in Westfield, NJ we could cut for you.

While trees beautify your landscapes and have many environmental benefits, they can become dangerous to you and your property. At Randy’s we remove trees of all sizes and of all hazard levels in Westfield. We have multiple bucket trucks with some extending as high as 110 feet into the air to handle even the largest trees. We have the experience and equipment to help you safely deal with unwanted trees of all sizes. Please refer to Westfield’s tree ordinance to determine if a permit is needed.

Very professional and quality job (tree removal and pruning).
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gary w.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Randy's Tree Service pruning a tree with a bucket truck. We make trees in Westfield look beautiful!

When you neglect your trees by not regularly pruning them, the nutrients are wasted on weak parts, which deprive the healthy parts of what they need to grow. Preemptive pruning and trimming will give your trees nice form and shape while getting rid of the weak limbs. This can prevent potential damage to your home during storms or heavy winds, saving you thousands on repairs. Randy will identify high-risk trees during your consultation and recommend solutions.

Randy's Pro Landscaping performed an exceptional job pruning all of the oak trees in my yard. I have a large backyard and it looks amazing. His team did an unbelievable job not only in the actual pruning but in the prep before and the cleanup after. It was worth every penny and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a truly professional result.
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Irene G.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Randy's Pro Tree Service is grinding a stump with a stump grinder. We call 811 before stump grinding in Westfield.

Stumps are dangerous to keep in your yard, especially if you have kids. Removing them will not only make it safer, but also improve the appearance of your yard. The most common and cost-effective stump removal method is to grind them using a stump grinder. Stumps can also be removed by excavating them. Regardless of whichever stump removal procedure you decide, Randy’s takes care of calling 811 for your utilities to be marked out before the day of the job. This will prevent breaking any pipes that may run through your stump.

Excellent company.Randy and his crew did an amazing job removing all the stump And branches from my yard.I really like the communication and the quick response to get the job done .I really recommend Randy’s pro landscaping Company they are very profesional, thanks Randy
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Alejandro C.

Emergency Tree Response

Randy's Pro Tree Service can respond to tree emergencies in Westfield07090

Every season can bring unpredictable weather in Westfield. Storms, rain, wind, ice and snow all cause damage and stress to the trees on your property. This results in branches falling, trees splitting, or even uprooting. During this unfortunate and stressful time, you can rely on Randy’s to quickly respond to your emergency.

My tree came down due Isaias. Randy was very responsive. He had his team remove the fallen tree in 2 days. They did an excellent job with the removal an cleaned up very well after job. I would highly recommend them.
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B A.

Westfield Tree Consultation

  1. Contact Randy’s Pro for any tree service.
  2. Randy’s Pro will visit your property and listen to your concerns or requests and assess the situation.
  3. We will provide you with an estimate via email that outlines everything that will be included in your tree job. 
  4. When you are ready to begin, Randy’s will schedule a start date at your convenience and provide you with an estimated completion date.

Westfield Tree Ordinances & Permit Process

  • A permit is required for any deciduous or coniferous species which reaches a typical mature height of at least twenty-five (25’) feet and a typical mature trunk diameter of four (4) inches or greater, measured four and one-half (4½) feet above ground level; and is three (3) inches or greater in trunk diameter, measured three (3) feet above ground level, at the time of filing this application.
  • Please click here Tree Preservation and removal application ( to complete the Town of Westfield, Department of Public Works’ Tree Preservation Plan and Tree Removal Application.
  • The are some Exemptions to the requirement of obtaining a permit, as follows:
    • Commercial nurseries
    • The Town of Westfield
    • Golf Courses
    • Cemeteries
    • Any tree on public owned land or public right-of-way and removed by the public agency or its representatives.
    • Dead or diseased trees, upon certification by the Code Enforcement Officer or a qualified New Jersey certified tree expert.
    • Partially or completely fallen trees by acts of nature, or trees which, in the option of the Code Enforcement officer, endanger or create a hazard to public safety.
  • The application fee is $500 for properties being developed and requires subdivision or site plan approval, or where Town trees are toe be removed [provided that application for removal is being made by the adjacent property owner(s)], or where properties that contain existing dwellings or structures that will be removed or demolished or buildings within the next one (1) year
  • The fee for all other applications is $50.00
  • Under the following circumstances, no tree shall be cut or otherwise removed from any lands located in the Town of Westfield unless a Tree Removal Application has been approved and a Tree Removal Permit based thereon has been issued by the code enforcement officer:
    • Where property is being developed and requires subdivision or site plan approval;
    • Where Town Trees are to be removed (provided that applications for removal of such trees shall only be made by the adjacent property owner(s));
    • Where properties that contain existing dwellings or structures that will be removed or demolished to facilitate the construction of a new or replacement building or buildings within the next one year;
    • Whenever two or more trees, in the aggregate, having a Diameter Breast Height of eight inches or more are to be removed from a property over a six-month period;
    • Where a tree is over sixteen inches Diameter Breast Height
  • Please click here  to review the complete Westfield code regarding Westfield’s Tree removal applications and tree preservation plan.
  • Please click here Tree Preservation Plan and Tree Removal Application – Forms & Permits – Westfield, New Jersey ( for more information directly from the town’s website, which include details about Westfield’s Tree Preservation Plan and Tree Removal Application.
  • It is highly recommended to always check directly with your town’s most current ordinances as they can change from time to time.
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*Randy’s will never share or sell your personal information and will only contact you about your inquiry!

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